Hublot Heat Watches Have Fans Covered

Hublot’s latest creations honor Miami Heat, an already established partner and ambassador athlete Dwayne Wade. The new timepieces are targeting Miami Heat fans by celebrating the team’s victory over the San Antonio Spurs for this year’s championship in the National Basketball Association finals. They are meant to appeal to fans who will want to remember this win in a special way.

Hublot Miami Heat Limited Edition watch 2013

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Of course the luxury watches are fashioned in the team’s colors of red and black, which will also be used as a way to distinguish them as his and her watches. Additionally, the Heat’s win over the Spurs comes on the heels of the team’s 25th anniversary. To mark this milestone, a 25th anniversary emblem appears near the numeral nine on the watch dial.

Hublot 25 anniversary heat watch, limited edition hublot

via Hublot

Rick De la Croix, President of Hublot Latin America stated, “This is an amazing collaboration of two winning brands who pride themselves on excellence, performance and style.”

Miami heat watch by Hublot, Hublot watches Florida, pre owned Hublot

via Luxuryes

He went on to add that Hublot is proud of being the championship winner’s official timekeeper. The brand is also proud to serve the team’s fans that have become the owners of Hublot luxury watches. They are honored to help them mark this important win and milestone anniversary.

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