Putin’s Offer to Replace Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, is offering to replace the Super Bowl ring he allegedly stole in 2005. New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, says Putin simply pocketed the ring during a 2005 diplomatic business tour of Russia.

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Kraft originally said he bestowed the $25,000 ring upon the Russian President, but recanted in a recent interview saying Putin took the ring. Kraft told CBSSports.com that he handed the ring to Putin during the visit, and Putin put it in his pocket. KGB agents then surrounded the Russian leader and they walked out. The Bush administration advised Kraft to tell reporters the ring was a diplomatic gift.

The 4.94-karat ring sports three football shaped diamonds sitting atop Lombardi trophies. The diamonds represent the Patriot’s 3 wins. Putin claims no memory of meeting Robert Kraft or of ever seeing the ring.

A sarcastic proposal

To smooth over the international incident, Putin has offered to replace the ring in question with, “really noticeable thing, so it is clear it is expensive. Made of a good metal, and a rock, so it can be passed from generation to generation in the team whose interest Mr. Kraft represents.”

He finished with, “This would be the most intelligent solution to such a difficult international problem.” Putin put a definite sarcastic tone to his offer.

So far, Robert Kraft has not commented on the proposed new ring, but he was spotted partying with Jay-Z at the 40/40 club Monday night. An answer may be forth-coming once the Patriot’s owner awakens sometime Tuesday evening.

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