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Dannijo sisters

Not many celebrities have an interesting rag to riches story, but Danielle and her sister Jodie do. Unlike most children, who exhibit signs of sibling rivalry, this is not the case with these two sisters. They had an exciting and unusual childhood interest that would bond the two of them together forever.

As young children this duo would take create jewelry pieces from their dad’s old medical supplies. They eventually made their way to New York City, after attending college. Their excitement was fashion, but their passion was and also has been jewelry.

Dannijo jewelry, dannijo collar necklace

They were new to the industry, had no connections, and spent a lot of time on the telephone, trying to convince someone to take a chance on their creation. Their cold calling technique finally paid off. In 2008 the sister and sister team, designed, commissioned and sold their first jewelry collection “Star Wars” inspired. They did it with the help of Bergdorf Goodman, who sold every last piece for $250 to $500. The collection consisted of 15 strung necklaces with a silver twisted plate, layered with chains

.Dannijo spike necklace, shop dannijo jewelry

Danielle and Jodie big break came in 2007, with the help of Natalie Morales, a TV show anchor woman on “Today.” After talking with Danielle, Morales wore the jewelry on her show, and featured a segment about young business owners, which included the two sisters.

It was during this time, that Dannijo gained prestige and recognition. The jewelry is admired by celebrities and fashion designers like Katie Lee a celebrity chef, and Brooklyn Decker. The sisters know that being shy does not pay off, if they want to be a success. This is a lesson they learned early in their career.

Dannijo necklace with spikes and chains

Their eye for fashion does not stop at jewelry. The infamous Snyder sisters are planning to expand the business. Their first order of business is to launch a handbag collection and ready to wear fashion line. They are also planning be more involved in marketing their jewelry worldwide, and attending more parties and social gathering.

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