Spotlight On: Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar is known around the world for his fantastically unique costume jewelry designs. Selling in over 34 countries, Bittar maintains his original New York aesthetics, which focus on a combination of classic and cutting-edge. Worn by famous individuals like Lady Gaga, First Lady Michelle Obama and Joan Collins, the designer loves to create pieces that are flashy and fabulous, but still appropriate for high-end occasions. Here are a few details about his life, his company and his collections.

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Alexis in his factory. Via Huffington Post

Early Days

It’s easy to see how Alexis Bittar became one of the most exciting jewelry designers in the world. Born to creative, educated, professor parents, Alexis started life with the most important characteristics of all: a love for creativity. They helped him develop a strong sense of discipline and hard work. He started selling flowers from their front steps when he was only 10. Antique lovers themselves, his parents taught him to appreciate craftsmanship and delicate finery.


Mod gold winding cuff $245


He certainly has the chops to go it alone, but fashion is never as fun as when it is done with a friend. So, Alexis Bittar takes up with a number of other famous designer names, such as Michael Kors, Dennis Basso and Jason Wu, to create special collections that complement ready to wear clothing and modern looks. He also showcases a sense of humor, by using Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley of ABFAB fame for his 2012 ad campaign.

Alexis Bittar, Jason Wu, designer jewelry, costume jewelry

Alexis Bittar for Jason Wu. Via Marie Claire

Iconic Pieces

Every impressive designer has a few standout pieces that mark him out as special, and Alexis Bittar is no different. Though it can be hard to narrow down the selection, the headpiece for Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2012 runway show is definitely among the list as are Lady Gaga’s facemasks from her 2012 visit to MOMA.

Lady Gaga Alexis Bittar Mask

via Coolspotters

Alexis BIttar continues to conquer the world, with new shops opening all over the nation and the international scene. What new collaborations are in store for him in the next few years? No doubt they will be exciting, trend setting and classically glamorous.

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