Philanthropist to the Stars: Harry Winston Midnight Big Date Latest Bauble Benefits the Needy

You probably know him best for his remarkably stunning high-end jewelry, often favored by stars walking the red carpet. But Harry Winston knows a thing or two about all types of accessories, including the always-stylish wristwatch. And he’s not just a designer of pretty (watch) faces; he’s also a philanthropist, eager to help individuals suffering from muscular dystrophy find a cure. With the help of One Watch, Winston auctions off a gorgeous time piece that will give thousands more time.

One Watch

For Charity Harry Winston Only Watch 2013 Midnight Big Date

via Luxury Insider

One Watch is a charitable group dedicated to helping find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a terrible disease that predominantly affects men. It results in muscular degeneration and eventually leads to death. With a very specific health issue comes a very specific charity. The One Watch organization is the first watch auction charity, and it has been running for five years now.

Harry Winston’s Watch

For Charity Harry Winston Only Watch 2013 Midnight Big Date

via Luxury Insider

Because he’s no fool when it comes to beautiful things, Harry Winston set about creating a timepiece that was the equal to such a distinguished cause. The Midnight Big Date is certainly stylish. It features the three arches of the flagship Harry Winston shop on Fifth Avenue, an iconic symbol. It’s encased in fashion-forward rose gold. Simple, but stunning, the watch will no doubt prove a classical beauty, and it’s high quality materials will survive many years into the future. Without a doubt, it will outlast Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Though you may think of jewelry and fashion designers as being a bit vapid or superficial in some ways, as the focus on luxury items that aren’t necessities sometimes appears. But, the good that can come from raising money to fund research, cures and education for a number of important causes reveals the fashion world’s, and Harry Winston’s, truly benevolent intentions.

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