Feature Friday: White Hot Heat!

We’re still reeling from a nailbiting, amazing and suspenseful series capped off by a great championship game! For the second year in a row, The Miami Heat have brought home the title to sunny South Florida. And the Wade/James/Bosh trifecta just earned themselves (and their team) another wildly luxurious limited edition Hublot. Seriously LeBron, where are all the Miami Heat Audemars Mr. Ambassador? The new Miami Heat King Power is stunning, but when the Heat are this hot, we all know that red and black take a backseat to white. Cartier is happy to assist with a sizzling Santos 100 in snow white, and we’ll be celebrating all weekend while wearing it. The question is, what to wear with it? You could do this ONE by Otte Ellen dress, paired with Diane Von Furstenberg Ophelia wedges, both available at Shopbop. It’s a distinctly Miami outfit, one that celebrates the rich culture of beachside bohemia and even a little International Gypset flare. Or you can cater to the magic city’s sizzling night life, club scene & keep it short, white and tight in that Three Floor Adolescent sister dress with cutouts (shown with Camilla Skovgaard sandals). It’s your weekend, your choice!


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