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Yes, we know. Quite a statement there – but ladies and gents, it’s half way through 2013! We’ll pause while you count/marvel/let your mind be blown by that (we’ve already gone through each stage as we type). It’s high time for a standout proposal story, non? Last year, Isaac made us cry every time we watched that video. Where are all of the Isaacs?! Is it because Bruno Mars hasn’t released a proposal single this year? We’ll just blame Bruno. Anyways, there are few things we love more than a surprise proposal. And even fewer once you throw elements like “Central Park” and “British Accents” and “Tiffany rings” into the mix. Thanks to How He Asked, we’re able to check out the best proposal stories of 2013 at a glance.

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Surprise #1 – via

So imagine you’re “Kel”, the gorgeous bride to be in the red peacoat. You’ve traveled to NYC from England with your cousins, aunts, Mom and Grandma. A girls’ weekend filled with Bloomie’s shopping, central park touring, and some weather-inappropriate ice cream when you turn around and BAM! There’s your adorable boyfriend, on a bridge with you in America, when this morning you called him and he was “in England.”

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Nope, he was in New York, along with Kelly and her family, sneakily planning the best proposal ever. Step 1: hire a photographer to capture the moment (in this case it was the obviously talented Sarah Tew). Really, he could have stopped here and everyone (present company included) would have been elated. But oh no, we’re not done. Typically, proposing with an empty ring box would not earn you any gold stars – but this guy had a plan, and his little black box held an invitation to 727 5th Avenue.

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via How He Asked

Ensconced in a private room at Tiffany’s flagship, Kelly got to choose from a selection of rings that David had chosen earlier that morning, fueled only by champagne, petit fours and true love (breakfast of champs). A girl after our own hearts, she chose the largest diamond. A stunning, 6 prong solitaire in the classic but hotly contested Tiffany setting. And no, he still isn’t finished.


After Tiffany, David brought Kelly and all the ladies in her family to champagne tea at Gordon Ramsey’s (this is where we get really sad. We’d love to drink champagne at afternoon tea while mentally giggling at Ramsey’s salacious insults!) He then informed her that sadly, she had underpacked because they’d be staying in NYC, overlooking Central Park, for another 3 days. If there’s ever a place to be unprepared for a longer stay, it’s Manhattan. So the happy couple got a few more days in the big apple, complete with fancy dinners and business class-lounge massages on the way home. David, do you have any brothers?

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