High-Profile Breathalyzer Watch

DUIs can lead to death or serious and permanent injury. “Responsible drinking” is now on “display” on the face of a watch. The Ciroc (Sean P. Diddy Combs) and G-shock (Casio) watch makers have created a watch equipped with a breathalyzer that displays your actual blood-alcohol levels. Now, you can keep track of the time day and whether or not you’ll be in a condition in which you could be the designated driver. Test your friends if they are driving themselves home and offer them a drive home if they are intoxicated.

Ciroc x Casio G Shock breathalyzer watches

The Breathalyzer is expected to extend the message of the Ciroc brand and Sean P. Combs. And that message is to drink and drive responsibly. Now, Combs and Casio are putting that message on the wrists of some of their most loyal fans. This development demonstrates support for the community from both developers of the watch. In the case of Ciroc, a liquor maker, it shows a healthy portion of responsible involvement in relation to its product.

Circo x Casio G-Shock breathalyzer watch, casio g shock

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The watch will have transparent components and be featured in three colors in order to offer some options in style. The appeal of the watch is that it is esthetically pleasing and is a “neat’ gadget to show off to friends and family. Another appeal is that it is backed by a Hip Hop mogul and a prominent manufacturer of liquor. The three colors reflect the look of the Ciroc brand.

It leaves no excuse for the intoxicated driver. While one could take the test, read it, stow the watch away, and continue with his drive, he would have the guilt of being fully aware that he was endangering himself and others. Avoid trouble with the police and other authorities by handing over your keys to a designated safe driver. Use the breathalyzer on your wrist as a tool to help “check yourself.”

The breathalyzer test watch is set to hit retail stores by Aug. 2.

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