Beyonce gives Kim Kardashian Baby Shower Gift Only Beyonce Could

The entire universe is atwitter over Kim Kardashian’s pending birth of a baby girl. In the meantime, you’ll want to know which A-list celebrities came to her baby shower and what each guest brought. With over 100 guests, there’s no doubt she received plenty of useful, extravagant and covetable gifts from her registry, but the ones from the top echelon of stardom were the most gasp-worthy.

Kim Kardashian celebrated her pregnancy with sister Kourtney and around a hundred friends and family in Beverly Hills on June 2.

via Us Weekly

Naturally, the famous for being famous socialite has friends in high places, and they don’t skimp on presents. Both Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow were on the short list of invitees to her garden-themed soiree, and neither passed up the golden opportunity to shower Miss Kim in some fabulous baby swag. Here are all the details of her epic celebration.

A Pastoral Theme

Since she’s about to become a first-time mother, Kim decided to pay homage to the greatest mother of all, Mother Nature. Her garden-themed shower included an outdoor fete, replete with organic buffet, flower garlands and flowing dresses of pure white. She and her sisters were garbed like Greek Goddesses, which flattered her burgeoning belly and her toffee complexion.

A Guest List of Shining Stars

You know Beyoncé and Kim were besties ever since she hooked up with Kanye, so of course the divine Miss B was invited as a special guest of honor. Sadly, she couldn’t attend, but you’ll love what she sent in her absence. Gwyneth Paltrow, new fitness pal, was also invited, though she, too, was previously engaged. Celebrity buddies who could attend included model Maria Menounos, E! correspondent Kelly Osbourne and fashion designer Nicole Richie.

A Registry to Die For

Beyonce and Jay Z gave Kim Kardashian a Swarovski crystal high chair for a baby shower gift

via Vibe

An affluent style icon like Kim had high expectations for gifts when it comes to her celebrations, especially considering the bank accounts of some of her honored guests. Beyoncé definitely won the prize for the most exceptional, and expensive, gift. She sent her apologies for her absence along with a Swarovski high chair covered in the brand’s famous crystals, reportedly worth around $12,000. Gwynnie was no slouch, either, with her offering of a Vitamix blender. Reputedly, it’s one of the reasons for her impossibly trim physique.

Other guests presented useful and covetable items that will surely give the latest addition to the Kardashian clan the greatest foundation for a life in the spotlight. Now, all you have to do is wait for July to see whether Baby West takes after mommy or daddy.

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