Learn Or Burn – Anniversary Reminder Wedding Band

There’s a new concept ring in the works…and it is supposed to help you remember REALLY important dates. Alaska Jewelry has come up with The Remember Ring™, a basic wide band in 7 styles of 14k white and yellow gold that has a built-in Hot Spot ™ that comes to life once a year.

Here’s how it works: a micro thermopile inside the band converts electricity from your hand’s heat. This electricity runs a perpetual microchip clock and keeps the battery charged. When you buy the ring, you specify a date to be remembered forever; an anniversary for instance. The ring is programmed…and needs no special care. It is impact resistant, completely waterproof, and has a lifetime warranty. It can stay on your finger biding its time until the day before THE DATE.

Twenty four hours before you have to acknowledge it, that Hot Spot™ inside your Remember Ring™ comes to life. It heats up to 120º F for about ten seconds. You scratch your head….decide you were imagining things and go back to what you were doing. An hour later, it happens again. Ten seconds of heat that isn’t exactly burning you but it isn’t comfortable either. Maybe you weren’t imagining things. When it happens again, an hour later, hopefully the little light comes on inside your brain and you decide to check the date.

It’s written inside the ring, right over the place that’s been zapping you. If you have been particularly dense, it might take a few more zaps of ten-second-heat-reminders to get you to remember, but this ring will keep it up the entire twenty four hours before THE DATE. You have time to buy your beloved a beautiful anniversary gift, maybe something from Raymond Lee Jewelers! You look good, every year without fail. That just might be worth the $760.00 asking price when it comes on the market.

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