This or That: Limited Edition Seaside Starfish Michele Watch

Michele Watches are one of the hottest brands in timepieces right now. They’re fun, stylish, and have more models than fashion week. Whether your style is sleek and clean, funky and bohemian, or ready for summer, Michele has you covered. Take this limited edition Seaside Starfish watch for instance – it’s gorgeous in bright polished stainless steel, a tightly woven bracelet and a diamond studded bezel, but the enamel and diamond sealife depicted on its silver bezel are whimsical fun. This watch is perfect for a weekend in usually sunny South Florida – if all this rain is keeping you away from the ocean, just stare down at your wrist instead and imagine which seaside ensemble you’ll wear it with next. One one hand, you’ve got this sultry Vix Baoba Carmen bikini with a funky abstract stripe pattern and gold & leather accents. On the other, you’ve got that trendy one piece L*Space fringe suit. We can’t choose, but it’s your weekend, your choice!

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