Thirsty Thursday: Return of the Ruby Ring

Our slice rings are back! And bigger than ever. If this 26.63 carat ruby ring isn’t a cause for celebration, we don’t know what is. So we’re mixing up a fabulous concoction worthy of this deep, glossy precious stone (and it’s beautiful 18kt yellow gold and .25ctw of diamond pave). This POM fleur cocktail packs a nice punch of antioxidants along with some St. Germain and vodka, courtesy of Sugar Its lovely ruby hue nicely matches that of the cocktail on your hand. Of course, the cocktail in your hand is only as decadent as you make it, and the ruby ring is really a non-negotiable. Cheers!

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POM Fleur cocktail, pomegranate martini, pomegranat cocktail, red martini

POM Fleur Cocktail by

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4 Thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Return of the Ruby Ring

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