From Ancient Egypt to Contemporary Rolex: Meteorite Jewelry Stands the Test of Time

The expression, “There is nothing new under the sun,” takes on a whole new meaning when you consider the ancient ancestors of Rolex’s Meteorite Dial watches. In 1911, Egypt’s oldest known iron artifact, a 5,000-year-old iron bead, was discovered in a cemetery near Cairo.

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Over 100 years later, meteorite scientists at the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK have finally confirmed–through a combination of tomography and a structural analysis–that this archaic trinket was handcrafted by the ancient Egyptians from meteorites. Research indicates that these early artisans hammered fragments of celestial iron into thin plates, before manipulating them into beads. Previous evidence placed iron smelting in the region millennia later! Evidence also suggests that the ancient Egyptians revered meteorites, considering them gifts from the gods because they fell from the sky. Some even believed meteorites were pieces of the gods themselves. So it’s no surprise that these heaven-sent space rocks–and iron in general–were strongly associated with power and status.

Rolex Tridor Masterpiece 18948 Meteorite Dial Diamond Bezel Watch

Rolex Tridor Masterpiece 18948 Meteorite Dial Diamond Bezel Watch

In fact, the region’s handful of iron artifacts were all discovered from royal graves, including Tutankhamun’s. Viewed as divine, objects made from meteorites were believed to ensure a smooth sojourn into the afterlife. As if we needed one more reason to love the Rolex Meteorite Dial line of elegant watches, what’s better than FastPass entrance through the pearly gates?

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