Introducing the Breitling Transocean Chronograph GMT

If you travel frequently, and especially travel through multiple countries and time zones, you recognize the value of an international watch. Such a watch can help you stay on track of what time it is where you are located and what time it is “back at the office”.

Breitling has a Tansocean Collection just for you. They recently have added a new Transocean Chronograph GMT to this collection and it offers some nice new details for a Breitling watch.

breitling transocean chronograph GMT, used Breitling Boca Raton

via Breitling

This new Transocean Chronograph GMT is completely developed and made in the Breitling facilities and its heart is an impressive self-winding chronograph calibre B04. When you enter a new country or time zone, you simply pull out the crown and turn it forward or backward according to your direction of travel. You can also see the 24 hour home-time indicator.

TRANSOCEAN CHRONOGRAPH GMT, sell brietling Boca Raton

via Breitling

Breitling is apparently so happy with the caliber B04 chronograph that it has created it with a transparent sapphire crystal back. This clear back allows the owner to admire the inner workings of the caliber B04.

This will be a limited run for Breitling, with only 2000 of these watches created in a steel edition. A red gold version is even more rare, and vastly more expensive. Only 200 of the red gold models have been produced.

The Transocean Chronograph GMT. If you are a traveler it may not be too early to place this on your holiday gift list.

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