Mirror Mirror Monday: David Webb Pearl Earrings

A gorgeous pair of designer pearl earrings should be on every lady’s wishlist. A classic pair of pearls is a necessity, but if you’re a big pearl fan, upgrading to an edgier, designer take on the style staple is a great idea. David Webb’s pearl and 18kt yellow gold earrings are a fun twist – large, pristine pearls are set into slightly imperfect circles of gold – it looks almost like the pearl itself is the stamp in a seal of molten gold wax. These beauties are available on 1st Dibs through Pennsylvania jeweler Oak Gem.

David Webb Gold Pearl Earrings, designer pearl earrings, different style pearls

David Webb Gold Pearl Earrings – $4100

Another take on the bold pearl comes from Angela Cummings. These pearl ear clips are also set in high karat 18kt yellow gold, but feature a more polished frame. Warm cushion shaped backs of gold frame these delicate, perfectly round pearls to create a dynamic contrast. And while they’re still pearls, still designer, these beauties are nearly half the price of David Webb’s.

Angela Cummings jewelry, pearl and gold earrings, pearl earrings

Angela Cummings 18kt yellow gold and pearl earrings – $2495 at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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