Snoop Lion and MTV Partner for Anti-Gun Jewelry

Recently, many people have been quick to blame the glorification of violence through certain genres of music and videos. Musicians Snoop Lion, Drake and Cori B, are working to change that image. They have teamed up with MTV and Jewelry For a Cause to produce a video that speaks out against violence and the prevalence of powerful firearms. The very graphic video (watch with caution) depicts the horrors that guns and violence can create. The purpose of their mission is to help get illegal firearms off the street.

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Jewelry For a Cause is a specially designed line of jewelry designed by Jessica Mindich, a former lawyer and mother of two. Mundich is an activist whose company is devoted to promoting the idea that “purchasing jewelry could indeed be guilt-free, even an act of philanthropy.” She has created collections that have raised awareness of issues such as Alzheimer’s and lack of purified drinking water in underdeveloped countries.

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Jessica Mindich’s steel cuffs and bangles are made from re-purposed steel that comes from the Newark Police Department’s gun buyback program. They retail for between $150 and $300 with part of the proceeds from sales going back to the gun buyback program. Newark’s gun buyback program pays anonymous citizens $200 for each surrendered firearm, no questions asked.

The special MTV x Caliber bracelets, also fashioned from the steel of the guns, are $40 each and display the serial numbers of the guns they were made from. Proceeds from sales of the bracelets will ensure that the Newark Police Department’s gun buyback program can continue.

To further promote the bracelets, all the celebs at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards will be given one of the bracelets from the MTV x Caliber collection. MTV will in turn make a donation to the gun buyback program for every celebrity that attends the ceremony.

There is no doubt that the collaboration of MTV, Jessica Mindich and all of the celebrities involved will be ultimately responsible for saving many lives. In a released statement Snoop Lion announced that “This is such an important message we’re sharing. It’s a movement we want generations to recognize, embrace, and get behind. We’ve seen a lot of senseless acts of violence involving guns recently—too many have lost their lives, too many families have been destroyed. Like my friends at MTV, I want to be a part of the change that will help bring peace.”

Now you can be a part of the change. The unisex bracelets are from limited-edition collection and can be ordered from

MTV x Caliber Bracelet

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