Maison Martin Margiela G-Schock Collab…Shocks

Maison Martin Margiela G-Schock Collab…Shocks

For about 30 years, Casio has been producing their G-Shock line of watches. G-Shock is what it is, a sturdy, durable collection of timepieces at modest prices from a brand that made its name (and fortune) with inexpensive digital watches. Although G-Shock does produce analog watches, most contain at least some digital elements.

G-Shock watches are sometime colorful, generally large, and they do have some premium priced limited edition watches. Don’t get us wrong, they are nice watches and all but imagine our, well, shock when we heard the announcement.

A limited edition Maison Martin Margiela G-Shock is on the way. It is true. The collaboration is apparently in recognition of Casio’s 30 year run with G-Shock. The Paris based designer, known more for its clothing and bags, says in tweets and on Facebook that more details will come on March 28th.


White G Shock

G-Shock Watch – Courtesy of the Casio G-Shock Website

G-Shock will get (and already is getting) some buzz about the collaboration but what is in it for the French designer that has so carefully crafted its brand? Perhaps that is the point. To be TRULY edgy in this fast changing world of marketing, one needs to take risks, and Maison Martin Margiela seems to be taking one here.

We will know more after March 28th, but what are your thoughts? Is this a partnership that appears to be a reach, or is it edgy marketing at its best? Be sure to tell us what you think!

Red G Shock

Bold red G-Shock from Casio

Yellow G Shock

Even bolder yellow G-Shock from Casio

G Shock Watch

$99 purple G-Shock


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