Blingin’ in the Kichten – Jake Levy’s Amethyst Sink

Sometimes you don’t know what you can’t live without until you see it. An amethyst sink? Don’t need one you think? Ah, but you haven’t seen it yet, dahling!

First you just must hear the details. It started with Franke’s Polyedro sink, and some 400 plus pounds of amethyst imported from Uruguay. In case you were curious, 400 pounds of amethyst in this case is about 5000 stones. Too much you think? We did too, an apparently so did Jake Levy. Levy paired the stones down, making use of about 20% of the exceptional ones for the base’s exterior. You see, 80 pounds of amethyst is much less ostentatious. Sometimes, after all, less is better.

Once the exterior base of the sink was covered in amethyst it would need an appropriate setting. This after all, would be a sink that should be placed on a…that’s it! A pedestal! Of course, not just any pedestal would do, this would be a pedestal that would take over a year to select. It would be made of premium white Calacatta marble from Italy. The legs would be carved from a single marble block. The sink was finished with a Brazilian quartz top and if you are ready, here it is!

Now, didn’t we just tell you that you wouldn’t know you needed it until you saw it?

The sink debuted at the Architectural Digest home design show that ended on March 24th. It now goes “on tour” to Kuwait, England and ultimately on to Switzerland before being sold at auction.

There is even an official video for the sink. The video, from International Stone Creations has a nice Stevie Nicks quasi-techno feeling to it. You may see it here.

(Photo courtesy of FRANKE and International Stone Creations)

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