One of Our Favorite Large Marquise Engagement Rings

Marquise engagement rings had their first heyday in the late 70′s and early 80′s. The elegant, elongated shape, combined with the fire and sparkle that only a brilliant cut affords made this diamond cut enormously popular for engagement rings. The settings then tended to combine the cut with yellow gold and possibly a smattering of channel set accent diamonds. However now, we see a trend in women who sell engagement rings with marquise cuts – or better yet, bring in their diamonds to upgrade their wedding set. And while sometimes our clients like a totally different cut and shape, sometimes all it takes is a new setting to breathe new life into a cherished diamond. This stunning 5 carat marquise needed a little zsush – so it met a gorgeous platinum setting studded with .5 ctw of round brilliant diamonds and .93 ctw of baguettes. Of course, pictures and descriptors don’t do this deco inspired beauty justice – so we’re sharing video!

One Thought on “One of Our Favorite Large Marquise Engagement Rings

  1. Stunning. Good call on the video. Thanks for sharing!

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