Shine up Your Car with World’s Most Expensive Car Wax

You probably won’t get your car to look like a million bucks, but you can come close with a car wax that costs close to $100,000. That’s right! You can buy a luxurious and expensive car wax that costs $97,000. Mitchell and king are responsible for launching the world’s most expensive car shampoo and car wax. The duo team offer luxurious cosmetics and products to customers who want more than ordinary. Their line of cosmetics is exquisite, daring and tantalizing.

The car wax is enclosed in a uniquely designed 24 karat gold plated casing. The bottle is attractively designed to draw as much attention as the wax inside. The car wax contains shimmers of gold and is considered the idea gift for anyone who wants their car to look like a gold replica masterpiece.

Mitchell and King prestigious gold car wax is described as being a one of kind edition. This product comes exclusively from the Scottish, and they have the right to refuse sell, to anyone they choose. Some critics are wondering if this is just another marketing host, or if this is the real deal.

The GoldRush Rally Collection is another conversation piece that uses both the car shampoo and wax in their exhibition. The Rally is a marketing trend that is constantly growing in popularity. Critics are confident that the GoldRush Rally will bring in more celebrities, more social events while introducing a new lifestyle concept.

Trends tend to catch on quickly. Whether it’s a fashion or jewelry trend that’s being launched, people are always looking for different and unique. The one of kind gold shimmer car wax is just the edge they need to get started. People often like anything that shines glitters or glimmers. Mitchell and King have already figured this tidbit out, and is reaping the harvest.

Brenda T for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.

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