How to Save on Wedding Planning Using Technology

It’s no secret that this Boca jewelry store loves technology as much as we love diamonds. Whether we’re pinning, tweeting, posting on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or here on our blog sweet blog, we’re tech-ed out to the max. And we can’t get enough of apps and websites that make our lives easier. So when we saw this infographic showing you how to save on wedding planning using technology, we were hooked. This little illustration shows how to save money on wedding videography, how to save on a wedding dress, even how to save on designer stationery! We should take this moment to remind you that you can of course save on wedding bands, wedding jewelry and engagement rings using technology too (we’re on 1st Dibs, eBay, and our own virtual showroom). Needless to say, we’re smitten with tech & want to spread the love!

How to Save Over $7,000 on Your Wedding Using Technology

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