Chanel Diamonds

So we already knew Gabrielle Chanel – yes, Coco Chanel – revolutionized fashion by freeing women from the corsets and cumbersome gowns of the pre-war era. And of course we know that Chanel jewelry and Chanel watches (like the fabulous pre owned Chanel J12 ) are completely fabulous. But until today we didn’t know that Gabrielle Chanel’s first and only haute joallerie collection was so controversial. Chanel, like many other Art Deco era jewelers, stripped the diamond from its fussy confines and created clean, airy jewels. Chanel jewelry designs, however, were decidedly more feminine – think ribbons, bows and flapper fringe motifs. She incorporated stars and celestial motifs, along with her lucky number 5, and shook up the Place Vendome with her new designs and new attitude. So on a Wedding Wednesday when we typically focus on diamonds given by men, this little Chanel video reminds us just how good wearing your own bought & paid diamonds feels. Chanel: diamond feminist.

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