Omega Anti-Magnetic Movement Debuts

Omega has a stunning line of watches on today’s market. From the Railmaster to the Seamaster, each one has a significant amount of luxury built into them – as well as technology.

Omega Seamaster Professional 007, 2226.80.00 Camera Shutter Dial

Omega Seamaster Professional 007, 2226.80.00 Camera Shutter Dial

The watch brand just recently released a new co-axial movement in the Seamaster. It is anti-magnetic, a caliber 8508. The ETA group lent OMEGA some engineers to help with the research and development in order to ensure the best possible design was created. This is a benefit of Omega being part of the Swatch parent company, as is ETA.

If you want to buy this watch and have an older watch that you wish to sell, you can visit Raymond Lee Jewelers in South Florida. Not only can you buy gold and sell gold here, they have a large variety of watches from the top manufacturers around the globe – including Omega.

Vintage Omega 14K Automatic Movement Watch, vintage omega watch, used omega

Vintage Omega 14K Automatic Movement Watch

Omega’s recent design helps to improve the line of Seamaster. One of the company’s other popular lines, the Railmaster, was just recently re-introduced to the market a few years ago.

There are many people out there who want to have the best of the best when it comes to watches and you will be able to benefit with what Raymond Lee Jewelers has to offer. You can sell one of the watches you currently have to earn top dollar. This money can then be used to acquire the new Omega Seamaster watch, so you can see the anti-magnetic prototype movement in action for yourself.

Maintaining time is important, but quality is as important. Omega has managed to combine both in a stylish way, which helps to add to the allure of the brand. Featuring watches for men and women, they are a luxury line of watches that continue to spend a significant amount of time in research and development to be on the forefront of technology on the market.

Amin E for Raymond Lee Jewelers, South Florida’s premiere source for buying and selling luxury watches and designer jewelry.

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