Gold Shirt offers hope with the Ladies for Datta Phuge

Maybe he was tired of the singles bars. Perhaps he had no luck with Whatever the reason, Datta Phuge, a 32 year old bachelor from India has taken an extraordinary step to attract the ladies.


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You see, Datta Phuge, by his own admission, may not be the best looking man in the world, or even in his hometown of Pimpri-Chinchwad. So the mustachioed Romeo has made a bold move to get their attention. He had a custom shirt made out of…gold. You read that correctly…gold.

The shirt was created from a base of imported white velvet material, with gold strands woven into the fabric. Give Datta credit for helping the local economy of Pimpri though. He apparently kept 15 goldsmiths busy for over two weeks, working their magic for over 16 hours a day to create the “unique” piece of apparel.

Now his reputation as the self-proclaimed “Gold Man of Pimpri” (no, we couldn’t have made that up ourselves) is solidified.

Mr. Phuge didn’t offer any explanation as to why he went with a short sleeve design, unless it was a budgetary move. He did however, have separate cuffs made, which add to the “effect”. The gold shirt is accented with six Swarovski crystal buttons. Nice touch, Datta, well played.

So what else would a wild and crazy guy like Datta need to accent his short-sleeved golden shirt besides separate cuffs? How about a gold belt and a couple of matching rings? Oh baby, this dude is on fire!

The 22k gold shirt (not 24k Datta?) weighs in at about 3.2 kilos or about 7 pounds.

No word yet if his shirt of gold has collared him his dream girl. One thing is for certain though. Datta will do just about anything to get his girl. That is except maybe give her the shirt off his back.

Datta Phuge and his 22k gold shirt. Don’t be jealous, some men just have a sense of style.

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