Rolex App Boosts Humanitarianism

Rolex App for Young Laureates

Rolex luxury watch brand has recently named the Young Laureates to receive the Rolex Awards for Enterprise for the past year, 2012. Five young entrepreneurs, whose ideas will become known to have made the world a better place received the awards. The awards come in the form of quite a sum of money, around $54,000, and a Rolex chronometer timepiece. A distinguished team comprised of scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs and educators around the world helped to select these five promising young adults.

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Who are these young men and women slated to influence the future so greatly? The public can learn about these talented entrepreneurs with a fantastic interactive magazine-style app built for the iPad. The app features videos and photography galleries that introduce the winners of the Rolex humanitarian awards. Read about these amazing young adults in this 86-page digital magazine. Find out what they have accomplished and how they formed their ideas. See them in action on a daily basis.

The 2012 winners are Mark Kendall, Sergei Bereznuk, Erika Cuellar, Aggrey Otieno and Barbara Block. Read about their endeavors in articles that feature each winner.

Readers will also be interested in the accomplishments of past winners in the 36-year-old Rolex Awards for Enterprise program.

This latest app follows on the heels of the release of the app Rolex Perpetual Spirit Magazine on Exploration. This magazine app features nature photography and videos. Rolex has called the apps their “80-year commitment to the world of exploration.”

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