Crystal Harris is Now Crystal Hefner

Crystal Harris married Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame on New Year’s Eve at the Playboy mansion in Beverly Hills.

hugh hefner crystal harris wedding pictures revealed 01

via Just Jared

The wedding was markedly different than the huge blowout bash the couple planned the first time around – before Harris got cold feet and became a runaway bride just 5 days before the wedding. After the failed 2011 nuptials, Hugh and Crystal broke up.

hugh hefner crystal harris wedding pictures, crystal hefner, crystal harris

The couple spent much of the last year publicly enduring a very messy break up; Playboy Cover depicting Crystal as the Runaway Bride stung after she sold her 3+ carat diamond engagement ring to Christie’s. However, both Crystal and Hugh Hefner seem to have forgiven and forgotten as they rung in a new year and a fresh start.

Crystal harris Hugh Hefner Wedding, crystal harris, crystal hefner

via the Hollywood Gossip

The couple wed in front of the Playboy mansions grand staircase under an arch of fresh flowers, and Crystal Harris (Crystal Hefner now) wore a strapless mermaid gown with floral embellishments on the bottom. Hef shunned his usual smoking jacket and pajama combo for a shawl collared tux.

Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner Wedding Photo, crystal hefner wedding dress

via the Hollywood Gossip

The couple has tweeted their happiness, and are looking forward to spending the rest of lives together.

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