Spotlight On: The New Hublot Zebra Big Bang

Talking about a tiger not changing his stripes, that is an understatement; especially, if you are referring to the “New Hublot Zebra Big Bang” watches collection. Hublot line of animal print watches and accessories are always in the spotlights.

If you thought the Leopard Print Bang and the Boa Skin Bang was big news, you need to think again. Curious eyes cannot wait to see the newest watch already lined up for the 2013 Trade Show event in Geneva’s show and tell.

Hublot’s Zebra print is uniquely designed. It is a 41 millimeter black ceramic style designer watch with a zebra print face dial. The dial is surrounded by 48 stunning topazes, and eight small bezel set diamonds. The automatic mechanical make up is magnificently set in chronograph movement. The strap is a Zebra print design which is constructed from genuine leather (calfskin).

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via Luxury Insider

On the feminine side, it is fancy, daring, and yet graceful. It appeals to the animal instinct in a women and yet to her feminine side. The Zebra print bang makes a bold fashion statement. The watch comes in 3 exquisite designs featuring 18k gold and black andoised aluminum styles. The choices are white ceramic, red gold and black ceramic. The interior and exterior is graced with a crystal sapphire and an anti coating deflector.

The expectation of the Zebra bang is predicted to be a real sellout, as soon as it hit the market in 2013. Plans of launching a limited edition with only 250 pieces for each version worldwide is already underway. Buyers and jeweler lovers are in line now waiting to buy their special edition of Hublot’s watches, before they sellout.

Zebra stripes are definitely in season. Women are seen on fashion runways with animal print attire, and now Hublot is giving them something to strut about.

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