Winter Jewelry Trends 2012

With the snowy, brisk winter season upon us, it’s becoming incredibly trendy to combat the white winter wonderland with robust, colorful fashion statements. All of the winter jewelry trends 2012 are perfect: bold color patterns, pastels and various other jewelry trends to combat the generic colors of the season. So goodbye to black and white this winter and try out some of the trending jewelry.

While you’re generally wrapped up tightly in an overcoat, there is no reason not to feature bold necklaces underneath. On the days that you leave the scarf at home or you’re looking to rock it in the office, try out a statement necklace. Something with bright color patterns and contrasting colors is hot this winter!

This great necklace features matching earrings while it’s paired with an oversized beaded bangle in red.

This oversized statement necklace, below, is one from the recently launched Jenny Bird Jewelry collection, featured this week, as well. While it’s not rich in color, it’d sit well on the neckline of a generic colored blouse. It would also pair perfectly with a bright red, purple, or yellow for a fashionable winter statement.

Mint is a hot color this winter! The subtle contrasts between the pastel color and the white landscaping that winter brings are sizzling on the fashion fronts.

This is a costume piece presented by Lucky Brand Jeans Co. as part of their winter accessory line. While it’s rocking the scene from the inexpensive accessory sector through luxury jewelry collections, mint, turquoise and other subtle green gems are a find!

Great to pair with brown boots, scarves, and overcoats!

Of course, nothing compliments winter snowflakes like sparkling diamonds, and when you’re looking at diamond earrings under 300 dollars, you have plenty of room for more winter fashion.

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