Spotlight on: Graff Diamonds

Graff is a world-renowned house of the most famous diamonds of all time. Many rare and precious diamonds have passed from dealer to collector through Graff Diamonds. The House of Graff Diamonds was founded in the 1960s by Laurence Graff, an English jeweler. Graff’s personal history is a story of fate and destiny.

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Unlike Jean Schlumberger, his counterpart of half a century earlier, Laurence Graff came from a background of common laborers. The young Laurence dropped out of school at age 15 to work as a janitor. Fortunately for him, he was fired from this job. He then went into a partnership with a friend to repair jewelry. Laurence later began designing small pieces of jewelry. Testimony to his success is seen today in finely crafted jewelry of the most exquisite and brilliantly cut, polished and set stones.

Please enjoy a sampling of diamond jewelry inspired by the late Laurence Graff.

Graff Cushion Cut

Imagine this 11.89 carat cushion shaped diamond. The cushion cut is one of the oldest diamond cuts. This rare cut combined with brilliant clarity creates a gem that will become appreciated with time.

Graff Engagement Rings

Diamonds are forever and have long been used to pledge eternal love. The diamond has been used as an engagement ring for centuries. A Graff diamond engagement ring is carefully and skillfully crafted to display the reflective facets of nature’s most precious mineral. This symbol of eternal love is captured with a Graff diamond engagement ring. These signed designer rings by Graff can often be found at exclusive estate sales.

Drew Barrymore’s Engagement Ring

The recently most talked about Graff diamond engagement ring is a beautiful diamond-banded engagement ring presented to Drew Barrymore. A colorless and radiantly cut diamond, it is almost a total weight of four carats.

Graff diamonds will always be the first choice of the elite for exquisite and endearing engagement rings.

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