Spotlight on: Jean Schlumberger

French jewelry designer Jean Schlumberger is best known for his work for Tiffany & Company. The talented designer had an impressive list of clients from the mid to late 20th century. Elizabeth Taylor, Gloria Vanderbilt, Greta Garbo and Audrey Hepburn were among the clients of wealth and notoriety that donned his fabulous creations.

The late gracious Jacqueline Kennedy was especially fond of his designs. It is said that she had so many Schlumberger bracelets that the press began referring to them as ‘Jackie Bracelets.’ Her husband, President John Kennedy, purchased the famous Two Fruit Clip fashioned from diamonds and rubies for his wife. Today it is on permanent display at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Schlumberger was born in 1907 into a family of wealthy textile business owners. He showed early signs of great artistic ability that his parents tried hard to squelch. However, his talent was too profound to suppress. He became one of only four artisans that Tiffany & Co endorsed to sign their work.

Schlumberger, a loner, had a small circle of elite friends. One of his peers was Diana Vreeland, an accomplished fashion columnist and editor. She once observed that ” he appreciates the miracle of jewels. For him, they are the ways and means to the realization of his dreams.”

Jean Schlumberger’s work showed a love of nature that is reflected in many of his whimsical designs.

Jean Schlumberger died in Paris in 1987. Following are a few pieces inspired by his imagination.

Five Leaves Brooch

Inspired by nature, this leaflet piece is of 18K gold with brilliant round diamonds set in platinum.

Egg Pendant Charm

Schulmberger designed a collection of egg pendants in the 1960s. This lovely charm is inspired by that collection. It is of 18K gold that encases a rich purple amethyst.

Star Clip

Some will see a blazing star in a night sky. Others will imagine a lonely starfish washed upon the shore. That is what Jean Schlumberger would have wanted for this piece. It appears to be alive with movement. It is fashioned of 18K gold, platinum and round diamonds.

Fleur de Mer

The Sea Flower clip of brilliant round diamonds and sapphires seems to hold the secrets of the sea. It is set in platinum and 18K gold.

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