Spotlight on: Scott Kay

Ask anyone in the industry who is the most famous, most widely sold designer of fine fashion and bridal jewelry, and they are likely to tell you it is Scott Kay. For over 3 decades Scott has been at his craft and industry polls will confirm that the best-selling brand in bridal sets is Scott Kay.

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While he built his business, and sizeable fortune on bridal sets and fine fashion jewelry, he is also being credited with the resurgence in the use of platinum in jewelry. In fact, the Platinum Guild International awarded him their highest honor for two consecutive years.

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Scott Kay Ladies Platinum Diamond Wedding Band

He is also a vocal proponent of the use of palladium, a sister metal of platinum, and continues to work with the Palladium Alliance International.

His “Art of Man” line of jewelry focuses on male jewelry with a platinum-smith style that creates a hand forged feel. These techniques can be seen in his line of neckwear, cuff-links, and key fobs. Each piece conveys a message of masculinity and precision. Scott Kay’s “Art of Man” pieces are unmistakable, and are first choice of many male entertainment and sports celebrities.

While Scott Kay has made major inroads into masculine jewelry, his company still maintains their popularity in fine fashion and bridal jewelry. SK Cobalt is a new production of wedding rings by the company. BioBlu 27 is used in the construction of this new line of rings, creating the finest cobalt bands made in the U.S.A.

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Scott Kay lives by his own credo of “never compromise”. He has a unique passion for anything he focuses on from jewelry design to marketing. His collections can be found in the world’s leading jewelry stores. While men can appreciate the resurgence of design that Scott Kay has brought to men’s jewelry, women appreciate Scott Kay’s attention to detail in his exclusive designs that often feature diamonds and gems in delicate yet bold jewelry that is designed for them.

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