Spotlight on: Montblanc

Where fashionistas have their Prada handbags, business men and women have their Montblanc pens and watches. Montblanc are perhaps best known among our readers as a jewelry brand, but it was through their pens that the company first established the name.

The brand was founded in 1906 to sell pens. Interestingly, it wasn’t until 1977 that the brand was truly established as a maker of luxury goods. This would be thanks to the acquisition by Dunhill.

Upon acquiring the brand, the first thing Dunhill did was drop every cheap pen from Montblanc’s lineup. The brand eventually grew to sell leather goods, watches, eyewear and jewelry as well as their trademark luxury pens.

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To date, Montblanc’s trademark symbol has been a six pointed star with rounded edges. This image once emblazoned their pens alone and now can be seen on most products offered by the brand. Another recurring element: The number 4801. This represents the height of the company’s namesake mountain in meters.

Though admired for their precision watches and their attractive design, Montblanc are perhaps most well known for their having pioneered what could and could not be regarded as a luxury item. Before Montblanc, it wasn’t entirely common to think of pens as status symbols. Even watches and leather goods weren’t generally seen in the same light as jewelry.

Though Montblanc wasn’t the first company to produce a great, luxurious, smooth writing pen, though they may not have been the first to appeal to the customer’s taste, rather than their wallet, Montblanc has continued to impress those in and out of the jewelry business with their devotion to innovative, tastefully designed, and highly sought-after luxury goods.

From pens to wallets to watches, Montblanc prove that the jewelry business is so much more than just rings and earrings.

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