Thirsty Thursday – A Different Kind of Cocktail

Dearest readers, we propose a toast. As usual, it’s cocktail hour on Thirsty Thursday and we’re “cheers”-ing to you today! Thank you for being such a great, supportive and fun online community. Whether you’re commenting & liking our Facebook posts, following us on Pinterest, or sending us a sweet Tweet, you remind us every day that our fans and customers are the best – so here’s to you!

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Don’t be discouraged by the idea of this gelatinous morsel, the Jell-o shot you may have known in your youth has been replaced by something slightly more urbane. We’re totally intrigued by this Bramble Jelly Shot and can easily picture ourselves downing it while wearing this vintage amethyst and ruby cocktail ring. We think both are fabulous, and you’ll have to let us know if you agree!

Vintage 18K Yellow Gold, Amethyst and Ruby Cocktail Ring


Style Cocktail Ring
Material 18K Yellow Gold
Gemstones Oval Faceted Amethyst (16mm x 10mm) and 23 Rubies (Show signs of wear and some are chipped)
Total Weight 7.9dwt (12.4g)
Measurements 1″ Long
Ring Size Size 5.75 (Can Be Sized)
Box This item comes complete with a Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box


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